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Many companies have resorted to Lean Six Sigma as a way of helping them deal with process improvement in companies and help in the eradication of system waste. As times move, it has become important for companies to find ways of streamlining their processes and make sure that they help in the realization of efficiency.

This has been the most important thing that companies have been seeking over time and thanks to Lean Six Sigma it is now possible to make all this possible. Lean Six Sigma provides a methodology that companies can use in improving their efficiency and eradication of waste that occurs in an organization process.

LSS New Hampshire- Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Profits have also been one of the things that companies seek so much. However, with increased competition together with some internal system flaws, it has become somehow hard for companies to realize their profit expectations. Lean Six Sigma has become the way to go for companies that have faced issues in these areas. Onboarding an expert with Lean Six Sigma knowledge will add some new blood to your company helping you deal with all these issues once and for all.

Lean Six Sigma in itself is very wide, touching on so many things and areas. For instance, there is the belt certification where we have the green, yellow-white belts in Lean Six Sigma. These belts or certification with any one of them have a significance together with an indication of Lean Six Sigma knowledge in a certain area. Just in case you are wondering what this is all about, Lean Six Sigma borrows so much from the martial arts logic. With this logic, progress and acquisition of these belts depend on individual knowledge in this area where the highest belt means possession of the best skills and knowledge in these areas.

One of these belts in Lean Six Sigma is the Lean Six Sigma yellow belt. For a person reading this for the first time, you might find it hard comprehending exactly what these belts are. You might not even know what the yellow belt is and its significance. This is why we are having this discussion. It is our intention to help you obtain as much knowledge on the yellow belt certification in Lean Six Sigma either as an individual or an organization.  

To make it even simpler for you to understand, we are going to look at the entire Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt certification by definition. From there we shall then move on to the certification process and why you need this certification as an organization or a person.

Lean Six Sigma yellow

When it comes to Lean Six Sigma belt ranks the Lean Six Sigma yellow belt is the lowest or the most basic one of them all. Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt certification, therefore, means that an individual has attained all the basic Lean Six Sigma knowledge. However, having this knowledge does not mean that you can do everything that any other Lean Six Sigma certified expert can do. For instance, much as you might have this knowledge it is just in its basic form and cannot, therefore, allow you to take on projects on your own.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification simply makes one a reliable team player in a team of Lean Six experts. Individuals with this certification though can be so productive when working under a team of experts on any essential projects in a company. The main roles of certified Lean Six Sigma yellow belt holders include being the people responsible for the development of procedure maps that lead to Lean Six Sigma projects. Being a Lean Six Sigma makes you a core team member of the subject matter expert on projects.

Other than that, being a Lean Six Sigma yellow belt holder also gives you the knowledge to run small processes within an organization which leads to improvements within an organization. Many of the people with Six Sigma certification also have the ability to improve processes within an organization which might lead to improvements where they are needed most.

LSS New Hampshire- Lean Six Sigma Training

Certification requirements

Now you have an idea of what the Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt is and the roles that are associated with the attainment of this certification. With this knowledge, you might now want to know the path that you can use to successfully obtain this certification. This is now what we look at in this segment of the discussion. We seek to find out how you can conveniently attain a Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt in the region of New Hampshire. Read below for guidelines on this issue.

For you to be able to successfully obtain the professional designation of a CSSC you must be able to complete the set CSSC Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification exam. That is not all, once you complete this exam, you must be able to attain a score of more than 140 points out of the possible 200 out of the same exam. The good thing with Yellow belt certification is that there is no prerequisite required for taking this exam. Once you pay the certification fee, you will have a time of one year to do and even pass the exam. When it comes to this level of certification, there is no project that is required, you just need to prepare and then pass the exam. The reason why the process of acquiring this certification is not that complicated is that this is basic training and as such does not entail a lot.

The exam preparation

If you are seeking the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification you must be able to obtain Six Sigma training through a qualified training provider like Lean Six Sigma experts of New Hampshire. If you are a proficient Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt holder then it is highly recommended that you review the corresponding body of knowledge at all times.

If you have any queries regarding the Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt then the article above is precise for you. From the article, you will find adequate knowledge on this issue and maybe get an understanding of why this training is so essential to you.

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