LSS New Hampshire- Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum For New Hampshire High School Students

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Ideally, the Lean Six Sigma methodology and concepts are never taught until the college and even professional levels. However, the students coming from high schools and mid-level schools can also utilize the Lean Six Sigma knowledge to its fullest extent in solving some problems that occur in their daily academic lives.

As a student, you can apply the Lean Six Sigma techniques in solving problems and also creating major improvements where they are needed most. However, as students, before carrying on with Lean Six Sigma or seeking it is knowledge, it is very important that you begin by first of all understanding what exactly Lean Six Sigma is and how to apply its knowledge.

LSS New Hampshire- Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma

Before carrying on with the quest of knowing Lean Six Sigma for high school students it is very important that we begin by defining what Lean Six Sigma is first. Once we have this definition and its application, we will then look at its relevance to high school students and how they might be able to benefit from it just like the other people.

Lean Six Sigma in its simplest of definitions is a process improvement methodology. The methodology seeks to bring about an improvement in the working conditions that can be improved through the removal of system wastes and try to bring about system efficiency in organizations.

With relevance to high school students, Lean Six Sigma offers ways that students can use in catering for the needs of a recipient or if not that then other people. The knowledge of Lean Six Sigma or getting certified comes in various levels which can also be applied in high school or to high school students.

Normally, Lean Six Sigma applies the Martial arts progression system where a person advances from one stage to the other from the beginning to the top. When it comes to the Lean Six Sigma certification process, the lowest belt signaling the lowest level of certification is the white belt while the highest is the black belt.

Attaining one belt certification in Lean Six Sigma leads you to the other all the way to the highest belt certification which is the black belt. In this section of the discussion, therefore, we take a look at some of the Lean Six Sigma certification belts and see how they apply to high school students or the entire high school curriculum.

Yellow Belt Certification

As you might know, high school education is all about projects and how to complete them well on time and in the right manner. However, these projects do not come without a problem they do, in fact so much more than you can even think about or imagine.

Any project being undertaken in high school might have as many Lean Six Sigma yellow belts as they are needed to the scope of the process under investigation. Yellow belt holders or the logic in the people with this certification allows them to be participants in all the project meetings acting accordingly on the subject matter for the function.

It is also not strange for the Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt holders to be a part of various or different Lean Six Sigma project teams. As a high school student, you can leverage the Lean Six Sigma yellow belt concepts and use them effectively in your high school projects.

LSS New Hampshire- Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

The Green belt certification

The Lean Six Sigma Green belt holders on the other hand reflect team leaders. Individuals with this kind of certification work on projects that are well within their expertise and responsibility. However, the green belt on the other hand is not in any way a subject matter expert on any aspects of the products.

 The green belt Lean Six Sigma holders are therefore not expected to be experts on any aspects of the advanced Lean Six Sigma tools together with the techniques. In case of any need, holders of these belts turn to those other counterparts with black belts for advice.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts Holders

An organization might also have holders of Lean Six Sigma various belts as well. The roles of these experts will largely depend on their areas of expertise and are always filled by full-time positions. Other than that, the Lean Six Sigma black belt holders also take time in training the yellow and green belt holders as well.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Master Belt Holders

The black belt and the master black belt holders in Lean Six Sigma undergo the same training credentials regarding the certification process. However, holders of this belt do not share the same or similar responsibilities. Whereas the Lean Six Sigma black belt holders manage projects within an organization, their master black belt counterparts manage an initiative. The Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High school students offers premier training in the area of Lean Six Sigma methodology. The Lean Six Sigma approach has allowed and enabled students to participate in the program in their academic life and other areas in their lives as well.

Lean Six Sigma basically is all about streamlining processes and solving problems when they occur and also working on efficiency. These are the exact problems that students and more so high school students face in their daily lives. Having the knowledge that can help them deal with these problems can make it even much easier for them to go about their academic lives and work towards the realization of quality results. That is not all, this knowledge also shapes and also prepares students for their future career life.

Students willing to become Six Sigma certified must sit for the certification exams as they come in. Upon the completion of each certification exam, students will be eligible to receive an official certificate that marks these accomplishments. The award of these certificates will depend on the kind of certification process individual wishes to undertake and their requirements. If you are in the region of New Hampshire, you can get in touch with Lean Six Sigma experts of New Hampshire for assistance in this regard. Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students comes with immense benefits as seen above. If you are a school and you wish to give your students an upper hand then this is one of the things you need to be considering seriously.

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